Nondestructive Testing Equipment [Magnetic Particle Testing] How Magnetic Particle Testing works.

This testing method is called MT (Magnetic Testing) or MPT (Magnetic Particle Testing), and utilizes "Magnetic flux leaks" phenomenon which generated from the crack/flaw. By magnetizing the Workpiece to be inspected, the sprayed ferromagnetic magnetic particle (or fluorescent magnetic particle) to the surface adheres to the crack/flaw. Then, by observing these, detection of flaws is available.
Then, the inspector can perform visual inspection of the crack/flaw by observing these. We, Nihon Denji Sokki Co., ltd. (NDK), prepare lineup of magnetic particle testing equipment and related products having many advantages such as "easily", "reliably" and "inexpensive", we will provide safety and security in quality control.

Flow of MT

Flow of MT

Lineup of Magnetic Particle Flaw Detector Equipment and Related Products

Magnetizing power supply equipment is equipment that magnetizes the Workpiece to be inspected when performing magnetic particle testing.

  • Three-phase power supply (NQ series)
  • Portable-type power supply
  • Single-phase power supply
  • Composite-type two-output power supply
  • Pulse-type power supply (SC series)

Magnetic particle flaw detector system is equipment that inspects a ferromagnetic material using magnetism and magnetic particles.

Black light is an ultraviolet flaw detection light using ultraviolet light when performing magnetic particle testing.

  • Portable-type black light(MIZ-100A)
  • Portable-type black light(PS-135)
  • Light-emitting diode (LED) type black light
  • Installation-type black light
  • Ring-type black light
  • Pen-type black light
  • Black light checker

Magnetic Particles is a magnetic powders that emitting fluorescence by ultraviolet light.

  • FM series
  • Magnetic Particle Dispersive Agents

Various products of magnetic-particle-testing-related

  • Magnetic particles concentration meter
  • Sedimentation meter
  • Copper wire gauze electrode>
  • Magnetic particles liquid checker
  • Test-piece