In order to magnetize a permanent magnet, it is required to give the high magnetic field which reaches the saturation point of the maximum flux density of the magnet material (magnetic substance). Magnetizing equipment is the energy supply equipment that generates the strength magnetic field. Magnetizing equipment is also called magnetizer or magnetizing supply, and is used when magnetizing a magnet in combination with a coil and magnetizing yoke. To charge in the internal condenser from commercial power, and generate strength magnetic field by discharging its energy to the magnetizing yoke and then magnetize.

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What is magnetizing?

The necessity of magnetizing a magnet material until reaching the saturation point.

The magnet material does not become magnetized only by being molded. To magnetize a magnet material is generally called as “Magnetizing (Magnetization).”A magnet material becomes a permanent magnet by magnetizing. In an industrial permanent magnet, it is required to be magnetized with stronger magnetic force. Magnet materials have each characteristics (Ferromagnetic, Paramagnetic, Diamagnetic), and there is a limit point (Saturation point) which to become magnetized. The “saturation magnetization” which magnetizes until reaching its saturation point is required.

Principle of magnetizing.

Kinds of Magnetizer

Static magnetic field generating system and Pulse magnetic field generating system

The magnetizers are exclusive easy-to-operate equipment designed to provide economically and rapidly a magnet field required for a magnet to be magnetized to reach its saturated magnetic flux density. Magnetizer can be classified in two categories; one is the equipment which continuously generates strong magnetic field and another one is instantaneously generates strong magnetic field. The representative of the former is “DC Electromagnet/Coil (Static magnetic field generating system)” and the latter is “Capacitor Type Magnetizer (Pulse magnetic field generating system)”. Pulse magnetic field generating system is possible to supply energy to generate a high magnetic field with simpler equipment and at low cost.

In order to magnetize a magnet, it is required to use the following items.
(1)Magnetizing Coil (Air-core Coil)
(2)Magnetizing Yoke
(3)Magnetizing Power Supply (to generate a high magnetic field)

When magnetizing to two-poles, it is required to use "Magnetizing coil (1)". Magnetic field will occur inside coil when an electric current is supplied to the coil formed by cylindrically winding a wire, and it can be magnetized by putting magnet materials in it. In that case, the magnetic field direction varies depending upon the direction of the current which flows through a coil, and the strength of a magnetic field varies depending upon the intensity of the current which flows into a coil. While a magnetizing coil is simple structure and easy to understand, it can be performed only simple magnetization of only two poles of N and S, and there is a limit to a form and size to magnet materials to pass through a coil.

When magnetizing to two-poles or more, it is required to use "Magnetizing Yoke (2)". Magnetizing yoke is manufactured by winding a wire to the iron core, it is the same as the magnetizing coil in principle. While controlling the magnetic field generated by changing the method of winding and a form of the iron core, can be a complex magnetization such as responding to a multi-pole type and a variety of forms.

The large current which amounts to 40 kA (max.) for generating a high magnetic field is required. "Magnetizing Power Supply (3)" is for generating this high current, and "Capacitor Type Magnetizing Power Supply" which used the capacitor is general.


Lineup of Magnetizer

  Control System
Digital Control (Three-phase) Digital Control (Single-phase) Analog Control (Single-phase)
Digital Control Digital Control Analog Control
Digital Control  
Digital Control Analog Control
Rotary type MagnetizerMagnetization pitch is highly precise against magnetizing yoke.
Linear type MagnetizerRare earth magnet?´┐Ż´┐ŻAMagnetization of
a long magnet of 5m or more is also possible.
Air-core coil type MagnetizerFor Core-less 2 poles motor
Weiss yoke type MagnetizerFor Electric equipment motor
Magnetizing Yoke,
In designing a magnetizing system for permanent magnets, one of the most important technical problems would be making a right choice of magnetizing yoke.
Magnetic Field Press

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